About A.E.D

Getting together is a beginning, staying together is a step forward, working together is a real success.“ (Henry Ford)

Asian Exports Development Ltd. is a company with German management in Asia.
You complete your complete goods import with our company Hong Kong Exim LTD. Your contact person will be at your disposal during the entire project processing in Germany.
To ensure your success we carry out continual supplier and quality control with our own quality company APEC-QM according to European standards at our production partners.
Our comprehensive knowledge of the Asian market and European requirements ensures the best results for your orders at the best price.
You pay only after you have received the defect-free goods. Use our over 30 years of experience and do not take any risks.
This is also proved by the excerpt from our references on which you can find well-known European companies.
We attach great importance to a serious and long-term cooperation!
Under the umbrella of the A.E.D. Group wrap your business with the Hong Kong Exim Ltd. from. The APEC-QM takes care of the quality assurance of the ordered goods and arranges the punctual transport to you.
True to the motto “one face to the customer”, you have only one personal contact person in Germany