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Quality control

To ensure the quality of your ordered products, we decided a few years ago to build our own independent quality control – the APEC-QM company.

In order to meet the requirements of European standards, the management is conducted under German guidance by qualified experts.
In addition to the regular monitoring of product quality, we also evaluate working and environmental conditions. Furthermore, the production processes are tested for efficiency and effectiveness of APEC-QM.
In Asia there are different quality standards than in Europe. If certain tests and certificates are not required, it may still be advisable to have them executed. One example of this is the “Proof Safety” product label (GS). Hereby, you indicate that your products meet the requirements of the product safety standard (ProdSG) and are also tested for it.
We arrange all necessary or desired tests at approved laboratories and institutes on the spot. As a result, your customers have confirmed that you are using high-quality products.
The employees of the APEC-QM inspect the finished product at all stages of production and document the results in quality reports, if necessary with pictures.