Finding water

Freshwater resources are becoming even more scarce!

71 percent of our planet is covered by water, 97 percent of water is salt water.
Only one percent of freshwater resources worldwide is directly accessible and available.

Water scarcity affects people on all continents. In 2019, the World Economic Forum declared water scarcity and its effects to be the greatest threat of the coming decade. Developments such as the steadily growing population are trends that drive water consumption ever higher.

Without the number one food source, there would be no agriculture, no industry, no life.

We find water sources, everywhere!

Thanks to years of close collaboration with leading geophysicists, we can find and tap into new fresh water sources all over the world. Our experts use cutting-edge measuring technology to find only artesian, underground fresh water from tectonics.

After finding a new water source, one of our specialist teams bores access to the source. Our geophysicists and the drill team work closely together to prevent dry wells.

After successfully completing the drill, powerful pumps are used to bring the fresh water to the surface.

No risk!

You will incur no costs until your water source is successfully connected.

Thanks to our outstanding references and experience, we can easily offer you this risk-free payment arrangement.

No complicated contract terms or incomprehensible clauses.

You only pay if we find water and drill successfully!

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