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More than 30 years of experience

We, the Asian Exports Development Ltd. Group, export successfully for more than 30 years, quality goods from Asia to Europe.

Trading with you is exclusively through our company Hong Kong Exim Co. Ltd. Our merchandising team and our retailers regularly conduct market searches. So we always get the best price.
Our company APEC-QM is responsible for quality assurance. Our employees continuously monitor the quality and the manufacturing processes on the spot according to our requirements. All formalities for customs, taxes and insurance are taken over for you.
With an uninterrupted logistics, we ensure an optimal transport route for your imports from Asia to your warehouse. Our long-term partnerships with our customers speak for themselves.

Through a secure pre-financing of Asian Exports Development Ltd. Import your goods SIMPLE and WITHOUT RISK. You will only pay when the defect-free goods have been successfully delivered to you.

Our customers are our partners

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You pay only after you have received the goods and have checked them. Hong Kong Exim Ltd.

Quality control

There are hardly any products for which no legal regulations or standards apply in Europe. DIN, ISO,

Logistics & Customs

Delivery reliability is an important argument for long-term cooperation. If your goods are ready and ready for

Product research

Just send us your product requirements. We will coordinate the specifications and conditions with our production partners